How many LED grow lights can I run on a circuit?

How many LED grow lights can I run on a circuit?

Posted by BDL on Jul 1st 2020

How many LED grow lights can I run on a circuit?

The answer depends on what size lights, what voltage the circuit is, and what the circuit breaker's amperage is. It is important to never overload your circuits with too many things plugged into them, as the wires can overheat and create a fire hazard, or the circuit breaker can trip and cut power to important equipment in your grow! If you have any doubts, you can consult a local electrician for help.

When determining how many lights can be run on a circuit, it is important to also account for all other electrical appliances plugged into the same circuit! Add up the wattage of everything plugged into the circuit and divide by the circuit's voltage to determine the total amperage draw on the circuit. This amperage must not exceed the safe level for the circuit: 80% of the total rated amperage of the circuit breaker. Only 80% is safely usable because some electronic devices (including our lights) can pull a bit more power than normal when they first turn on.

Lights Per Circuit Calculator

Circuit breaker amperage rating:

Circuit voltage:

Total wattage of other electrical devices on the circuit: watts

Total number of

lights that can be safely run on this circuit:

Or, if you want to run a mix of different lights on this circuit, enter the number of each below:

200 lights:
400 lights:
600 lights:
800 lights:
1000 lights: 

Standard Circuit Maximums

Circuit Breaker Amperage Rating Maximum Safe Total Amperage Maximum Safe Total Wattage
100V 110V 120V 220V 230V 240V
10A 8A 800W 880W 960W 1760W 1840W 1920W
15A 12A 1200W 1320W 1440W 2640W 2760W 2880W
20A 16A 1600W 1760W 1920W 3520W 3680W 3840W
30A 24A 2400W 2640W 2880W 5280W 5520W 5760W